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Integrate and Fire (I&F) as an ADC

Figure : Biphasic Integrate and Fire (I&F) circuit

Project Description (What)

We propose to use a biologically inspired circuit called as Integrate and Fire as an Analog-to-digital (ADC) replacement. I&F circuit is asynchronous, meaning it has no clocks, as compared to the conventional ADCs. The asynchronous property leads to a significantly lower output data rate and lower power consumption as against conventional ADCs. I&F trades off bandwidth and power for a more complex recovery mechanism. We have successfully used the I&F as a data encoder in neural recording applications and now trying to use it as a sampler for massive sensor networks.

Collaborators (With Whom)
  • Alexander Singh Alvarado - Working on various signal processing techniques for reconstructing the original signals from the asynchronous samples.
  • Jie Xu (Jessie) - Worked on the front-end electronics, low-noise amplifiers and V-I (Gm) for neural signals. 
When, Why and Where
Links (What Next)
    • FWIRE Project - The mother project, with which the entire I&F encoder thing began. 
    • Memristor based Samplers - The next big step. 
    • Low Power I&F sampler - The power optimizations. 
    • I&F as an ECG encoder - The obvious next application. 
    • My ADC references list [link] -  A good semester worth read. 

Tags : Asynchronous analog to digital converters, Asyncronous ADCs, Asynchronous samplers, asynchronous encoders, Integrate and Fire neuron as an encoder, Integrate and Fire neuron (I&F neuron) (I and F neuron) . FWIRE project, Integrate and Fire ADC,