When I was in grad school the economy had just nose-dived and jobs and internships was just too hard to comeby. To make matters worse a University in Florida has a geographical disadvantage as compared to the universities located in the heart of the Silicon Valley and Texas. With, a thin economy the recruiters were not that keen on flying people across the country to interview or to be interviewed.

What to do on Linkedin for Job hunting?

A lot of recruiters and HR people post jobs on groups. Remember to subscribe to the emails for getting job and discussion notifications. In addition to job postings, is a great way to network with professionals from you field of interest.

Where on ?

Click on the name to access the groups page. You will need to make a account. Once you decide to join any of the groups, your membership request will be reviewed and if you are deemed fit you will be approved. The approval process for the group takes anywhere from a few hours to a day or two, so be patient.

In addition to the groups above, consider subscribing to these magazines as well. Also, check out a compilation of the names and links of the semiconductor companies.

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