28 nm Finfet Opamp

Figure : A two stage opamp schematic

The project was done as part of the course work for "Non-classical device design" (EEE 6470) in the spring semester of 2008. The course was taught by Dr. Jerry Fossum. The aim of the project was to use finfets at 28 nano meter channel lengths and design analog circuits. I used the University of Florida Double Gate (UFDG) simulator developed by the SOI group at UF for simulating the circuit.


  • Project Report

Who (Collaborators)

  • Siddharth Chouksey: Although the project was for the course much of my questions were answered by Sid. He was an unofficial mentor on this project.

When, Why and Where

  • From March 2008 till April 2008
  • Course project on non-classical device physics.
  • at ECE, Dept., University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

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