8085 / 8255 / 8251 Simulator

A screenshot of the simulator.

Adviser : Prof. R.N. Biswas and Prof. Asim Banerjee

The project was done as part of the course work on Software Engineering at DAIICT as part of B.Tech curriculum in the spring semester of 2004. The interesting aspect of the simulator was that one could simulate the interfaces of 8255 and 8251 with 8085 microprocessor. Some of the interesting features included : Controlling the simulation rate, ability to write over the program memory just like it happens with a real chip etc. The simulator was coded in Java and was (is?) used for the Microprocessor course at DAIICT.


  • 8085 Installer (you will need winrar)

Development Team (Who)

  • Ankit Narang, Nikhil Bhatia, Vasudha Chaurey, Abhijeet Misra, Anuj Bansal, Shivam Priyadarshi, Shubam Jain, Arijit Das Gupta, Ajay Singh Barpha and Manu Rastogi.

When, Why and Where

  • From Jan 2004 till April 2004
  • As part of course work on Software Engineering during our undergraduate curriculum.
  • at DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India


  • Java

Operating System

  • Windows

Project Status

  • Inactive

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