ECG Signal Analysis

Bicoherence of an abnormal beat.

Bicoherence of a normal ECG beat

Adviser : Prof. Dipankar Nagchoudhuri and Prof. Chetan Parikh , DAIICT

Project Description (What)

The project aimed at the classification of abnormal and normal beats in an ECG signal using Quadratic Phase Coupling (QPC) using frequency based Bicoherence estimation. The basic idea was that normal ECG beats displayed bicoherence where as the abnormal ECG beats displayed no bicoherence. The top image plots the bicoherence of an abnormal ECG beat whereas the bottom image shows the bicoherence of a normal ECG beat. X-axis is time (sample number in MATLAB) and y and z axis are the Bicoherence values. Since it is very evident that the two shapes are visually different this can be used for quantifying the normal beats from the abnormal ones. We used the Higher order Statistics toolbox for MATLAB for generating these figures.

The later part of the project looked at the aspects of the Instruction Set required for designing such a processor. Some of the results from the project were published at an international conference.


Collaborators (With Whom)

The project had two more parts to it, and the following people worked on these:

    • Vaibhav Garg - Looked at first order sigma delta modulators for ECG signal amplification.
    • Vasudha Chaurey - Looked at modelling the ECG signal.

When, Why and Where

    • From Jan 2005 till May 2005
    • Major project or B.Tech Thesis or Final year project or Senior year Project - Take your pick
    • at DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Links (What Next)

Keywords : bicoherece, Quadratic Phase Coupling (QPC), Higher order statistics analysis toolbox (HOSA), MATLAB, DAIICT, B.Tech Project, ECG analysis, surf plots in MATLAB, annotated ECG data.